Heat wave. Directorate-General for Health issues recommendations

The heat is taking many elderly people to hospital emergency rooms. To respond to more medical emergencies, firefighters are strengthening their teams.

The Directorate-General for Health recommends increasing the intake of water or natural fruit juices without sugar and avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages and direct exposure to the sun, especially between 11 am and 5 pm.

Children, the elderly, the chronically ill, pregnant women, people with reduced mobility, workers with activity abroad, practitioners of physical activity and isolated people are the particularly vulnerable groups.

For children, it is recommended that they frequently consume water or natural fruit juices and that they remain in a cool and airy environment, while those under six months should not be exposed to the sun. At 14:00 Lisbon air temperature exceeded 40 degrees.

Also in the district of Évora, temperatures exceeded 40 degrees. Municipal swimming pools filled up.

The Directorate-General for Health also recommends that great physical efforts be avoided outdoors. According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, high temperatures will remain at least until mid-July.

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