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The Amazon Prime Day 2022 discount event takes place this Tuesday (12) and Wednesday (13). Consumers will be able to check out promotions in different product categories, such as electronics, games, computers, books, toys, among others.

This is the third time that the company has held the traditional 48 hours of offers in Brazil. Discounts are exclusive to Prime service subscribers, which offers free shipping and access to Prime Video (movies, series), Prime Music (music) and Prime Gaming (games) streaming, for R$14.90 per month or R$110 per month. year.

Those who are not yet a member and are interested in following the event, can subscribe to Prime and use it for free for 30 days. tilt Here’s a list of simple tips to help you find good discounts.

1. Keeping an eye on the types of offers

Amazon must separate its offers into three categories:

  • Wow!: products with limited quantity and promotional value valid for up to 6 hours.
  • Lightning: products with limited quantity and price valid for up to 12 hours.
  • Prime Day: discounts active between 24h and 48h while stocks last.

Therefore, it is important for you to monitor how active the promotion of the product(s) you want will be.

2. Visit the homepage just before the event

The official days of promotions are the 12th and 13th, but Amazon has already anticipated some offers.

Visit the company’s official website to find out what has already been reduced in price and ask any questions about the purchase. So far, it is already possible to obtain:

  • free games on Amazon Prime Gaming
  • up to 60% off movie rentals
  • four months free Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for new users
  • two free months of Kindle Unlimited (online books) for new subscribers

Within the products, the discounts offered will be:

  • 25% off imported books
  • 20% off memory cards and hard drives
  • up to 25% on market and beauty items
  • up to 40% on fashion
  • 20% on automotive
  • take 4 and pay 3 on kitchen, home & cleaning items, home improvement & stationery items
  • take 3 and pay 2 in garden

3. Use discount coupons

In addition to the deals, Amazon will also offer its customers discount coupons that can be found on the company’s Coupon Store page.

  1. After accessing the coupons page, simply choose the available product and click on “Highlight Coupon”.
  2. Once this is done, go to the product page and add it to the cart.
  3. The discount will be applied upon payment.

4. Application may have even more discounts

Amazon’s mobile app — Android and iOS — may unlock even more discounts for some products. Keep an eye out and compare.

The first purchase through the app entitles you to a discount of R$ 20.

5. Don’t be fooled by prices

Looking for a specific product? Already research its value on the Amazon website and other e-commerce platforms.

If possible, compare his value evolution over the last few weeks and months. There are several sites that do this (such as Buscapé and Zoom). This will give you more basis for evaluating whether the discount is really worth it.

Amazon also provides a browser extension that allows you to check prices with the average of the last 30 days.

6. Activate mobile offer alerts

In the Amazon app, go to the main menu, located in the upper left corner, and log in:

  1. Now, go to “Settings”
  2. In the same menu, select “Notifications”
  3. Drag the checkbox under “Recommended for you”. Notifications are now enabled

7. Products may run out soon

Prime Day offers have limited stock for certain products. So take some time before the event starts to define what you want/need.

This will also help you to save time. Once set, don’t take too long to make your purchase.

Extra tip: beware of scams

With an eye on the event, cybercriminals are already acting. According to digital security company Check Point Research (CPR), July has already recorded a 37% increase in daily attacks involving Amazon and the phishing scam, a strategy used to steal data, money from victims or run malicious programs (malware).

So be extra careful this week. If you are going to use the Amazon website, make sure that the address has https, a protocol that indicates greater security of information sent to a website, in the URL. In addition, the symbol of a padlock — it is a digital security certificate — must also be present.

also be suspicious of emails with suspicious senders and with attachments on behalf of Amazon. For example: the highlighted sender is However, the real email

*With text by Adriano Ferreira.

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