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Next week, América-MG will face a real marathon of games, with six days away from BH for two matches away from home. The first will be in Porto Alegre to face Internacional on Monday, at 8 pm (GMT). Vagner Mancini needs to change pieces in defense and attack and may have the return of Aloísio, who started a physical transition.

In addition to the changes on the field, the Coelho still gains a reinforcement outside the four lines. Luis Otávio Kalil is the club’s new physical preparation assistant, amid a season full of absences due to muscle injuries.

Starting with the defense, Coelho’s defense duo will be different from the last one. With Éder suspended, Vagner Mancini should use Germán Conti as a starter. In addition to him, Iago Maidana – back from the medical department – can take the place of Luan Patrick, totally changing the formation of the defense duo. Patric also returns to the team, after serving suspension.

Vagner Mancini commands América’s training, at CT Lanna Drumond — Photo: Fernanda Reis/ América

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On offense, the story is more complicated. Wellington Paulista does not travel with the team due to a muscle injury. Aloísio, who was also in the DM, started a physical transition to the field, but needs to race against time to recover before the definition of the related ones. The replacement for the position, Henrique Almeida, will need to serve a suspension against Internacional.

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Therefore, Vagner Mancini’s likely choice is young striker Carlos Alberto. Revealed by América, the 20-year-old has already played as a center forward at the base and should take on the mission of replacing the three embezzlers for the position.

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Probable America to face Internacional:

Matheus Cavichiolli; Patric, Conti, Maidana (Luan Patrick) and Marlon (Raúl Cáceres); Lucas Kal, Juninho and Alê; Felipe Azevedo, Carlos Alberto and Pedrinho

Strengthening physical preparation

Physical trainer Luis Otávio Kalil was introduced this Friday as América’s new physical preparation assistant. He worked for more than 15 years at Atlético-MG and already plays for CT Lanna Drummond for the game against Internacional.

The signing is a weight booster for physical preparation in the midst of a season full of absences due to muscle injuries. Luiz Kalil recognized the challenge of joining the team.

– It is an honor to be part of this Club. I see it as a great challenge. (…) I feel prepared and ready to help the physical preparation team with Lucas (Itaberaba), also bringing the experience and knowledge I acquired in the clubs I passed to add value to América – said Luiz Kalil.

Become a member Onda Verde – América-MG — Photo: Disclosure

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