Learn how to avoid falling for text message scams with these tips

Increasingly, the number of blows via the Internet that often reach cell phones via email or text message. These scams usually use malicious links and false information to confuse Internet users and steal their data. So here are some tips for how to recognize scams by message and, that way, not get into the stats of victims that only increase!

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Beware of Fishing

Currently, the vast majority of scams are carried out through the “Fishing” strategy, which means “Fishing” in English. That’s because scammers use false information in a mass distribution of text messages and e-mails in an attempt to trick someone into unsuspecting. Therefore, most scams rely on texts regarding bank details, need to update registration or sweepstakes.

So, right after the message, they put the link that you should access to solve the problem that presents itself or check the supposed prize of a raffle. However, this is where the risk comes in, as when accessing this URL a virus can enter your phone and steal important information. In most cases, the target is the password of emails, social networks and also bank account apps. That’s why there are many records of accounts emptied after the scam.

How to recognize scam messages?

It is always necessary to doubt all information that arrives in your email or message box, as there is always the potential for a scam. Also, you can check which number or email address sent you the message. Then, compare it with the official number or address of your network of banks or institution that the message claims to represent.

Finally, before accessing the link, always submit it to a safe link checker, such as the PSafe website, which is free to access. That way, you can be sure of what’s on the page before you even open it. As a last resort, try to contact the institution that the message claims to represent by phone and ask for confirmation of the information. With these tips, you will always be safe!

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