lose everything? See what happens to those who use WhatsApp GB

It is common knowledge that WhatsApp has become one of the means of communication most used in the world. This messenger is the darling, especially, of many Brazilians and currently alternative versions (read: unofficial) are not lacking. One of them is “WhatsApp GB”.

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“WhatsApp GB” is nothing more than a mod, which is not a cool app. For this reason, it is not possible to find it in official stores (such as the Google Play Store or Apple Store). Despite this, those who use it seek the benefits that the officer does not providesuch as downloading stories, deactivating calls, blocking chats with a password, among others.

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The problem is that users of unofficial messenger can be severely punished. In addition to the use of the functions representing a great risk, the company responsible for WhatsApp, META, has already requested that they not make use of the platform with the modifications. The main risk here is the original account being blocked permanently.

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Have you ever thought about losing all your conversation history or important contacts for this reason? Detail: it will only be possible to use the messenger if you create a new account. That is, acquiring a new mobile number. To top it off, there is also the possibility of your account being hacked, as mods are downloaded from unknown websites and do not provide the necessary security.

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