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Vasco beat Criciúma 1-0, at Heriberto Hülse, for the 17th round of Serie B, this Saturday afternoon. With a goal from Raniel, in penalty kick, the team won the victory after two games without winning and scoring. Coach Maurício Souza praised the result and highlighted the team’s ambition.

– A very important victory. I told them that it was our chance to open in 5th place. It was an opponent who had been increasing in production, was in fifth place, who had come from good results. Everyone knows how difficult it is to play here in Criciúma, the pressure they exert on the fans. Undoubtedly it was a victory for a team with great ambition, which wants a lot.

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Raniel and Maurício Souza, in Criciúma vs Vasco — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

Vasco’s fans celebrated after the end of the match. The players were on the pitch celebrating a lot with the fans who sold out the visiting sector of the stadium. Maurício Souza once again praised Vasco’s participation.

– I’ve been saying that. They are essential for us to achieve our goal. They have done their part. Maybe some games don’t go as we want, but we go in with all the desire to make them happy. Vasco’s fans always put on this show, it won’t be now that the team needs them the most that they will stop giving. It was a beautiful party. In smaller numbers, several times they silenced the opponent’s fans several times. We always count on their participation to achieve our goal.

Vasco’s goal, scored by Raniel, happened at the beginning of the first half and, later, the team ended up suffering pressure from Criciúma at times, with an incredible defense by Thiago Rodrigues in the final minutes. The coach said that the final whistle gave a sense of relief.

– It meant a relief. In the second half, they really came with a very big game imposition. Playing the ball to our area all the time. We chose to go down the block because, in the first half, one thing that caused us some damage during the match was the direct ball. The final whistle brings what we agreed, which was the victory, the three points to distance from the fifth, close to the first, and distance from Bahia too – said Maurício, who added:

– Now calmer, more relieved, victory is important to give morale. To show that Vasco is capable. But I told them that this has to be our habit, something normal, regardless of the opponent we’re going to face, Vasco is the favorite. Let’s celebrate a lot today because we deserve it. As of Monday, we are already thinking about the next opponent – said the coach.

"Vasco only doesn't go up if a tragedy happens", says John |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Vasco only doesn’t go up if a tragedy happens”, says João | The Voice of the Crowd

Vasco’s defense duo made a practically perfect match in Criciúma. Anderson Conceição and Quintero cut many crosses, from the ground or from above, and were praised by Maurício Souza.

– I think the only one who passed them, Thiago was there. Thiago is a goalkeeper who has been showing himself during games that when he needs him, he is there. Anderson and Quintero’s commitment, especially in the aerial balls, who won almost all of them, the team’s commitment to win the second ball. The team felt it had to be that way. Winning the first ball, winning the second. We had chances to go on the counterattack, to kill the game, but we couldn’t. What was worth it was the delivery, the security that these two players bring. Very happy with what they presented today.

Vasco returns to Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. In the next round, the team plays again away from home, at 4:30 pm next Saturday, against Sampaio Corrêa, in Maranhão.

Anderson Conceição was featured in Criciúma x Vasco — Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

Other points of the interview

– We’ve been talking about the possibility. It is a window that opens, Vasco is searching and moving in the market. We are aware of the difficulties that the club still faces to bring in players, but we have a range of players in conversation. I think Brazil is the right guy to comment on this subject. But what I can say is that Vasco is not standing still. Vasco knows he needs some reinforcements. We didn’t have Edimar, maybe we didn’t have Riquelme, so we trained Luiz Henrique there. The most important thing is that we are not standing still. We know the importance of reinforcements and I’m sure they will come at the right time.

– They are always needed, because they are important players, with representation in the squad. But I always try to value the presence rather than regret the absence. The players that came in did very well. Of course they still don’t have a 90-minute routine. Riquelme, who was playing a good game, asked to leave. Erick went to his limit, we knew he couldn’t take it, and he outdid himself. So I usually say that we need to value who is here. The group is strong, very closed. I think that’s what brought us the victory today.

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Team back in second time

– I think we lowered the defense block too much. But between lowering the block too much and getting halfway, it’s better to lower the block too much. What couldn’t happen was for them to have space between the lines, in a dangerous zone, where they could exchange a cross for a ball behind the defense. That almost didn’t happen. When it happened on the sideline, we managed to fill the area to take the ball. We cannot take the merit of Criciúma, who played a well-played game, who when he understood that he needed to be more direct, he did. In the first half, we scored more on top, we had the best chances of the game, with greater control. Then in the second, we played as the game called for. Then we have to review and correct what is wrong. What mattered was not the form, but that we left the field with three points.

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Discussion between Andrey Santos and Getúlio

– I talked to them. I said their attitude was great. They just can’t be kicked out. There was a confusion between them because they both wanted to win a lot. What happens on the field stays on the field. They are two players who get along super well and everything is fine. Confusion is for the benefit of the team. Everyone was trying to win. The locker room was just a party.

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