Players stop for a minute in the middle of the game in protest

The rounds of Série A, C and D of the Brasileirão were marked by protest from players moments after the kick off of today’s games (10). With their hands over their mouths, they drew attention to excerpts from the General Sports Law, which amends the Pelé Law. The narrator Luís Roberto, who commands Corinthians x Flamengo on Globo, came to confuse the action with the minute of silence, but was warned by reporter Edson Vianna and then explained the matter to the public.

In Serie A, the protests took place in the games between Coritiba x Juventude and Corinthians x Flamengo this Sunday and the athletes from Ceará had already done the same in the game on Saturday, against Fluminense. The demonstration also took place in matches of Series C and D in games this Sunday.

The text questioned by players led by the captains of the four divisions was approved this week by the Chamber of Deputies with a large majority (398 votes in favor of the project and only 13 positions against), the text will now be forwarded to the Federal Senate.

The hand-to-mouth protest highlights the idea that the class was not heard in the formatting of the articles which, according to them, although excellent in many aspects, remove labor rights.

One of the main complaints from players is that if an athlete signs a contract with another team before receiving what he owed, the previous club may be exempt from paying the remainder if the individual’s new salary is greater than the one that was terminated. .

Beyond this point, the players question the termination fine of the professionals’ contracts with football clubs, which could be paid in installments and even reduced. The athletes also want Romário to be the rapporteur of the text in the Senate.

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