The 10 most expensive jewels in the history of the seventh art

When we think of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, it is possible that one of the first phrases that comes to mind is precisely one of those that the artist utters in the famous film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, from 1953, directed by Howard Hawks: «Diamonds are a girl’s best friend », in Portuguese Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Surely, when singing it, the actress would include in this list, not only diamonds, but also pearls, rubies, rings and even magic medallions. And, certainly, when watching a movie, everyone has already become enchanted with an element of characterization of the characters. In fact, there may even have been situations where extraordinary and extremely expensive jewelry somehow managed to ‘steal’ the attention of the scene during the films in which they appeared. Even more so when, instead of replicas, the actresses actually use the real necklaces and, sometimes, so expensive that they need to be watched by guards on film sets.

475 million euros
First, the heart of James Cameron’s movie Titanic, released in 1997, is positioned. The necklace is an adaptation inspired by the Hope diamond, which belonged to French royalty. It is a huge and peculiar navy blue diamond, surrounded by small white diamonds. Originally, the piece adorned the neck of King Louis XIV of France. After the revolution and the fall of the Empire, the gemstone passed through the hands of several owners until it was donated to the National Museum of Natural History of the United States, in 1958. Since then, the jewel has been part of the institution’s collection. The 56 carat dubbed ‘Heart of the Ocean’ that Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane) gives Rose (Kate Winslet) was created by London jewelers Asprey & Garrad and is valued at €475 million – considered one of the most valuable stones in the world. .

oceans 8
142 million euros
According to the study, in second place is the jewel used in Oceans 8, 2018, a film directed by Gary Ross and starring American actress Anne Hathaway. The plot focuses precisely on the theft of a diamond necklace worth 150 million dollars, which the Cartier company keeps in a safe. In fact, the jewel is a replica of a necklace created in 1931 by Jacques Cartier for the Maharajah of Nawanagar. The piece includes the 136.25 carat ‘Queen of the Netherlands’ diamond that belonged to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, surrounded by colored diamonds and valued at €142 million. According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, as the original necklace was designed to be worn by a man, “the replica was reduced by 20% to fit around Hathaway’s neck”.

death on the nile
30 million euros
Then comes the necklace worn by the character Linnet Doyle, played by Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, in the recent film Death on the Nile, released this year and directed by Kenneth Branagh, which «rescues a diamond that only Audrey Hepburn, Mary Whitehouse and Lady Gaga wore it in public». In fact, the necklace recreates one of the biggest yellow diamonds in the world, the ‘Tiffany’, valued at almost 30 million euros. According to La Vanguardia, the piece “appeared in the Kimberley mines of South Africa in 1877 and was purchased by Charles Lewis Tiffany for $18,000.” Gemologist George Frederick Kunz took a year to find the final profile, a 128.54-carat padded cut that features 82 facets. While Gal Gadot wore a replica of the ‘Tiffany’ diamond on her fictional moon on the Nile, three women were able to wear the original: socialite Mary Whitehouse at a gala in 1957, Audrey Hepburn in promotional photos for Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961 and, more recently, Lady Gaga, to receive her Oscar for the film A Star Is Born (2018), directed by Bradley Cooper, who also stars in it.

How to Lose a Boyfriend in Ten Days
5 million euros
But it’s not just in dramas and mysteries that we find these gems. In fourth place is the play used in the comedy How to Lose a Boyfriend in Ten Days. In it, the American actress Kate Hudson wears a necklace very similar to the necklace that Gal Gadot wore in the production Death on the Nile. The only difference is that Hudson’s “was real.” Jeweler Harry Winston agreed to lend her best pieces for the film, which was released in 2003 and directed by Donald Petrie. The extraordinary 51.94-carat yellow sapphire pendant, 84-carat diamond necklace named after dancer Isadora Duncan, sold for €5 million after the actress wore it in the film.

Men prefer blondes
4.16 million euros
As mentioned before, if there is any figure that immediately reminds us of expensive and majestic jewelry, it is Marilyn Monroe. In fact, the actress, model and performer sang that diamonds were her ‘best friends’ in the 1953 film Men Prefer Blondes. According to the Spanish newspaper, «it was at that moment that the diamond ring began to be considered an indispensable part of a marriage commitment”. The ‘Baroda Moon’, the stunning 24-carat yellow gem that Marilyn used to promote the Howard Hawks film, is valued by Queensmith at over €4 million. For 500 years, the piece remained in the possession of the Gaekwad royal family, Maharajas of Baroda, India. Then he was sent to Maria Theresa of Austria. However, after the empress’s untimely death (which some attribute to the stone bringing bad luck), the Habsburgs eventually returned it to the Gaekwad. In 1920, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad – hit by the crisis after the First World War – decided to sell it. The necklace was exhibited in Los Angeles in 1926 and went “hand in hand”, until in 1943 it was bought by jeweler Meyer Rosenbaum, who loaned it to Monroe to wear. After 1953, the diamond was auctioned several times. The new owners remain anonymous.

Anna Karenina
3 million euros
Inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s classic Russian novel, the 2012 production Anna Karenina, directed by Joe Wright, tells the story of Anna. The character, played by the American actress Keira Knightley, has an extramarital affair in 1874, which impacts society and also her husband, a Russian government official. The artist is the image of Chanel, so it is not surprising that after being chosen to star in the film adaptation of the book, the wardrobe department requested pieces from the French brand. According to La Vanguardia, the company’s jewelers created a special collection for her, dubbed ‘Chanel Haute Joaillerie’. The most memorable and also the most expensive piece is the diamond necklace ‘Camelia Poudre’, valued at almost 3 million euros. This one is made of 18 carat white gold and has two round-cut diamonds and another 683 brilliant-cut diamonds that design two emblematic flowers of the brand.

The tourist
2.4 million
According to the study by British jeweler Queensmith, in sixth place is the jewel used by Angelina Jolie, in the film The Tourist, by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, released in 2010, where the actress acts side by side with Johnny Depp. “During an impromptu trip to Europe to heal a broken heart, math teacher Frank Tupelo finds himself in an extraordinary situation when a strange seductress, Elise, crosses his path. The seemingly innocent encounter turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse», reads the production synopsis. One of the most famous moments in the film is precisely the appearance of the artist dressed in a black dress and a diamond-studded choker. According to the Spanish newspaper, the jewel is “an old tiara from the beginning of the 20th century that the jeweler Robert Prokop turned into an impressive necklace”, valued at almost 2.5 million euros.

Agent 355
731 thousand euros
In Simon Kinberg’s spy thriller Agent 355, which premiered this January, CIA agent Mace Brown teams up with a German agent, a computer expert, and a Colombian psychologist to stop a group of mercenaries. and retrieve a secret weapon. The truth is that all the members of the all-star quintet that included Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz and Bingbing Fan, wear magnificent jewelry. According to La Vanguardia, the supplier of the sparkling accessories is Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Piaget – his brand has a long-standing relationship with Hollywood. In addition, the film’s actress and producer, Jessica Chastain, has been a brand ambassador since 2015. It is in the scene where the quintet of spies goes to an auction house in Shanghai that the “most exquisite jewelry in the entire film” is displayed. »: one of which is worth 731 thousand euros. It is the rose gold necklace ‘Sunny Side of Life by Piaget’, and is worn by German intelligence agent Marie, played by Diane Kruger. The jewel has an 8.2 carat cushion-cut pink spinel set in an intricate engraving, 52 diamonds of approximately 13.4 carats and another 254 brilliants of 19.5 carats.

Gucci House
534 thousand euros
According to the Spanish newspaper, like Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani (responsible for the murder of her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci), singer and actress Lady Gaga – who plays Reggiani in the recent film Casa Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott – , uses several pieces from Bulgari’s high jewelery collections and even others that are part of its historical heritage. One of them, a gold necklace filled with amethysts, citrines, pink tourmalines, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds that belonged to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth. However, according to the British study, the most expensive of all «is the dazzling necklace and earrings set from the Le Magnifiche high jewelery collection». The necklace is made with 11 pigeon blood rubies (one of the most sought after natural colors in this jewel). The red stones are accompanied by 77 brilliant-cut diamonds. Queensmith experts set its value at €534,000.

pretty woman
534 thousand euros
Last but not least, is the necklace used by Julia Roberts, in the iconic film Pretty Woman, in Portuguese ‘A Woman’s Dream’, by Garry Marshall, which premiered in 1990 and enchanted the world. In one of the most memorable moments of the production, prostitute Vivian appears in a red dress and necklace that Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere, gives her. A funny curiosity is that, in the offer scene, when opening the box with the jewel, the millionaire lets it close and ends up splicing the young woman’s fingers – which was not foreseen in the script and ended up being in the film. The famous white gold and diamond necklace with 23 pear-cut rubies cost $250,000 in 1990 and was signed by Fred Joaillier. The French company eventually reissued it with its recognizable aesthetic of a heart within a heart, «albeit with a slight redesign compared to the original». Although the price is on demand, Quensmith estimates it at approximately €534,000.

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