WhatsApp update will please those who like to be ‘invisible’

O Whatsapp is, without a doubt, the favorite application of Brazilians in the same. We’ve always had an affinity for social networks and messaging programs. The proof of this is the success that Orkut and MSN have had in the past of a whole generation.

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But there is something special about the instant messaging app that really wins us over. Maybe it’s the fact that we can take it from one place to another, since it’s installed on the cell phone, but maybe it’s even the absurd amount of practicality that it offers with its resources.

Despite meeting our needs very well, we always want more when it comes to services. That’s why the team behind it is constantly looking for something new that the app can introduce, which makes sense. So that people don’t appeal to mods unauthorized, it has to reinvent itself frequently.

And soon the application can bring to its users something that has been requested for a long time, especially by those more reserved people who do not want their friends, family or other more specific people to be able to identify when they are online or not. .

We are talking about the function of hiding the status. Something that has been commented on for some time, is finally in the tests for a few users. However, the idea is that the function will be available for Android and also for iOS, but only after the company makes sure that everything is working perfectly.

The initial idea is that this feature is very similar to the “last seen”, which can already be hidden. In theory, the person will have the option to hide the status of “everyone”, “nobody”, “my contacts” and “my contacts except…”.

The last function is what people expect the most, as users really want only certain people to have the privilege of knowing if they are online.

So far, the only way to remove your status from the app is through modifications unauthorized apps that WhatsApp itself is not a big fan of, but which are very popular for offering these different features.

It is worth remembering that this is not the only change we will see in the coming months. WhatsApp seems to be going through a phase of many improvements, all aimed at making the app more fun and more modern as well.

It is quite possible that before receiving the update with new functions, we will receive the one that promises more emojis to be able to react to messages, since in the current version the user is limited to less than ten.

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