Woman goes viral with video in which she accuses airline of losing her daughter – 07/10/2022

Last week, American Monica Gilliam, 39, went viral on TikTok after posting a video denouncing that American Airlines had lost its 12-year-old daughter. The minor was dropped off by her mother at the airline’s departure gate at the airport in Chattanooga, Tennessee, so she could fly to Miami, where she would meet her father.

So far, the photographer’s video has had 1.8 million views, more than 161,000 likes and 20,000 comments.

The American also stated that she had paid US$ 150 more (about R$ 780, at the current rate), in addition to the price of the ticket, to ensure that her daughter was accompanied by company employees until she found her father, as soon as the plane landed. But that’s not what happened.

Nearly an hour after his flight landed, I got a call from American Airlines. It was the manager in Miami who said, ‘Your daughter is missing. We close the terminal. We don’t know where she is.’

In response to the call, the photographer replied: “How do you lose an unaccompanied minor? How did you lose my daughter?”

Fox News Digital contacted American Airlines and received the following response. “We take these matters very seriously and are investigating what happened.” Chattanooga Airport officials declined to comment on the case.

Gilliam shared what her daughter said about the situation — after she was found. “When the disembarkation began, the flight attendants just waved at her, instead of saying, ‘Wait a minute. I see an unaccompanied minor’s lanyard around your neck,'” unaccompanied age carry with their identification.

According to the teenager’s version, as she didn’t know what to do, she continued walking through the airport, went to the baggage claim area and tried to contact her father.

He replied that he would be at the arrivals gate waiting and, if she was comfortable following the information signs, that she would meet him. The action worked, and the girl reached her father. “She was walking around alone with this unaccompanied minor tag on her,” Gilliam said.

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