Xbox Series X|S has sold more than twice as much as Xbox One in Japan

Microsoft has spared no efforts to grow the brand in the country

Microsoft has been striving to make the Xbox presence stronger in Japan, and the company’s new generation of consoles are doing well in the Japanese country. Already are over 260,000 Xbox Series X|S units sold in Japan. The data are from Famitsu and refer to the 3rd of July. For the purpose of comparison, the Xbox One sold 114,831 units throughout their life cycle.

It may seem little, but the fact that in less than two years of life, the current generation has sold twice as much as the previous console has sold in seven years, in addition to the difficulties that the industry has gone through during the pandemic (and that is still recovering), it’s quite a feat.

Even with the growing presence of the Xbox brand there, the Series X and S still have to eat a lot of rice and beans to surpass the second generation of Xbox. The Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s most successful gaming hardware there, selling 1.6 million units in its lifetime on the market.

Xbox Series still has a long way to go in Japan

The Xbox Series S is the console found in most Japanese homes, due to its greater availability compared to its bigger brother, or even the PlayStation 5, but that is changing. In the week ending July 3, the Xbox Series sold 9,756 unitsmore than triple the value the Series S achieved (2,774).

In that same period, between June 26th and July 3rd, the PlayStation 5, however, sold more than twice as much as the Series X with 20,028 units from the standard console, plus 4,333 from the non-disk-reader version. There were weeks when the Xbox Series X|S outsold the PS5 in Japan.

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While Microsoft’s current generation of consoles is doing better than the previous one in the country where Sony and Nintendo’s platforms are much stronger, Xbox still has a long way to go. O PS5 has already sold 1,727,545 since November 2020 and the Switch has passed the 25 million mark of units in Japan only.

Nintendo’s console has sold over 107 million units worldwide and is getting close to the PlayStation 4 with its 116.9 million consoles sold around the globe.


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Via: VGC Source: Famitsu

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