Apple’s new configuration will offer more protection

In 2019, an Israeli company known as NSO Group managed to create powerful spyware. The virus affected Apple devices and ended up blocking some functionality. at priceThe appointment of Steve Jobs and Ivan Krstić, Head of Security Engineering and Architecture, spurred prompt response with a more efficient mechanism.

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A minority of people are the target of these attacks, however, this small group is still a consumer of their products. In addition, the initiative prevents cybercriminals from getting even further away from their operating system. In this way, organizations and public persons can choose an iPhone as a professional cell phone if they want to feel safe.

iPhone lockdown mode will block part of the features to stop cyberattacks

Lockdown mode will be applied to the iPhone 16 and can be triggered when a threat alert is issued, especially those who have reasons for having leaked information, such as famous people. When activated, the user is unable to receive files with automatic download and even dubious links. Therefore, the chances of falling into a scam are reduced.

Apple is committed to fighting crimes committed in digital environments and will donate 15 million dollars to institutions that have projects for this purpose. The unprecedented decision marks a time of change, in which everyone must take responsibility and do everything possible, making the internet a safe and stable environment in a universal way.

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