Do you know if your cell phone is compatible with 5G technology? find out now

Pure 5G signal (no interference from other frequencies) was launched in Brazil this week. However, phones need to be compatible with this technology to take advantage of the new generation of mobile internet, which arrived in Brasília first. From lists published by Anatel to manufacturers’ websites, consumers can find several ways to find out if their smartphone supports 5G.

So, check out these tips now and find out if your cell phone is compatible with the 5G technology.

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Is 5G already available in Brazil?

For all Brazilian capitals to have 5G technology available, a deadline of September 29, 2022 was given. However, it was originally until July 31, but due to logistical difficulties, Anatel had to extend the deadline. Thus, 5G is expected to cover all Brazilian cities by December 2029.

This fifth-generation mobile internet technology comes along with revolutionary promises, they would be: lightning-fast connection speeds, advances in technologies such as self-driving cars, and the ability to connect many objects to the internet at the same time.

Does your device have 5G?

The next walkthroughs will explain how to find out if your device already has the technology. The tools are also valuable for research before deciding on your next smartphone because, from now on, 5G will be a much more attractive feature.

Via the Anatel website

  • First, open the specific page for 5G phones on the Anatel website ( and choose the “Templates” option;
  • Then enter your device model number (registered on the product box or invoice).

Tip: You can also search by company name by scrolling down and accessing the compatible devices table. Another possibility is to check the device’s approved release date through filters and tables.

From the manufacturers’ websites

(In this tutorial, Realme company is used)

  • First, open the manufacturer’s website and search in the menu for the device for which you want to find out the compatibility of the mobile network;
  • Then open the page of the model you want and press the “Specifications” option;

Note: This name may vary by manufacturer.

Finally, search for “network”, “Wi-Fi” and similar terms to see details about the networks that are available.

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