Do you know there’s a doctor’s office at Buckingham Palace? But there are more “secrets” in the house of Isabel II

Although the British royal family attracts attention throughout the year, the truth is that curiosity increases during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, during which the 70th anniversary of the monarch’s reign was celebrated.

In addition to the royal elements, Buckingham Palace in London was also the object of much curiosity.

Buckingham Cinema
Having a home theater is common for celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen or Jennifer Lawrence. But in the case of Buckingham Palace, cinema is not for the British royal family, but for its employees, as BBC journalist Emily Maitlis revealed in November last year.

queen’s chapel
The enormous palace situated in the English capital has a private chapel for the British royal family, which was eventually destroyed by German bombing in 1940. was rebuilt at southwest of the Buckingham area.

Own medical office
Staff at the official residence of the British royal family use the National Health Service on site. Royal Mews Surgery is administered by Elizabeth II’s physician Timothy Evans.

Queen’s ‘secret’ entrance
In the famous great White Living Room there is nothing less than a ‘secret’ entrance for Queen Elizabeth II. The passage leads to the apartments of the British monarch.

The Buckingham Palace area also has its own ATM. This was confirmed by the now ex-chief of Coutts bank, Gordon Pell, in 2011, to The Standard, who also added that its use is restricted to the British royal family.

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