Dome that already transforms Las Vegas sky will be concert arena in 2023

The storied skyline of “Sin City” is being transformed thanks to a giant dome under construction inside The Venetian hotel and casino complex on Las Vegas Boulevard. Self-styled as the largest spherical construction on the planet, the structure is officially called MSG Sphere and will be an immersive concert arena, with 4D effects.

Scheduled to open in the second half of 2023, the megaproject has an estimated cost of US$ 1.865 billion or R$ 9.81 billion, according to information from The Hollywood Reporter. The high investment is linked to the installation of technologies that should allow visitors to have multisensory experiences.

One of the first major events to take place there, however, will not be so musical: the celebration of the Formula 1 Las Vegas GP is planned there in November of next year, as the track passes around the dome, confirmed Nick. Tomasino, senior vice president of construction at Madison Square Garden Entertainment — the company behind the project — to the site.

The works to allow for this great celebration began in 2019, but it was only at the end of May that the external exoskeleton or the “shell” of the steel sphere was completed. From the ground to the “oculus”, its apex where a compression ring allows the structure to support its own weight, there are about 110 tons of metal with a diameter of 41.5 meters.

The MSG Sphere works in Las Vegas are already advanced - Disclosure - Disclosure

MSG Sphere works in Las Vegas are already advanced

Image: Disclosure

Once complete, the sphere should be 102.5 meters high and just over 157 meters wide, which will accommodate 20,000 standing spectators or 17,500 seated spectators. The complex will also have 23 VIP suites.

Both its exterior and interior will be lined with fully programmable “16k by 16k” resolution LED screens. The sound system, in partnership with the German audio company Holoplot, will allow the customization of the spatial sound reproduced on the 164,000 speakers distributed throughout the arena.

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas - Disclosure - Disclosure

The interior of the dome still under construction

Image: Disclosure

In detail - Disclosure - Disclosure

In details

Image: Disclosure

Other devices will still allow the manipulation of sounds, smells, temperature and connectivity for visitors to “immerse” in experiences, shows, commercial events, sports competitions, among other activities already programmed for the space.

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