Fans report riot, beating and robbery in Fortaleza x Palmeiras

In the 44th minute of the second half, Castelão was left in the dark due to a problem with the circuit breaker and, therefore, the confrontation between Fortaleza and Palmeiras ended at 0-0. During the blackout, fans reported a lot of insecurity, confusion, beatings and even robbery scenes inside the stadium.

In addition to the floodlights and floodlights, all the facilities, such as the changing room and exit points, at Arena Castelão were also without power, complicating the flow of fans out of the stadium. The fights between Fortaleza fans themselves reverberated on social networks.

According to the newspaper O Povo, Fortaleza fans reported that a pregnant woman was knocked down and a fan was thrown from the upper stands to the lower ones. The publication also states that two Fortaleza organized supporters clashed at the time of the blackout.

Fight in another part of the stadium

Castelão in the dark

Horror tales from the crowd

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