Fernandes praises Paysandu’s victory and asks for signings

Motivated by the victory won against Confiança, inside the Curuzu stadium, for Série C of the Brazilian Championship, Paysandu – which at the moment is glued to the leader Mirassol, with the same 26 points – now seeks to maintain its good performance, aiming to stay closer and closer to qualifying for the next phase, which will define the four teams that will gain access to Serie B next season.

Considered as one of the games in which Paysandu had the most difficulties in the competition, the 1-0 victory against Proletário Sergipano was of fundamental importance, as highlighted by coach Márcio Fernandes. After the confrontation held last Saturday night (09), for the 14th round of the national competition, in the post-game interview, he highlighted the opponent’s way of playing, who greatly valued the three points conquered by Boogeyman.

Paysandu wins and follows the lead of Serie C. See the goal!

Paysandu has a score equal to leader Mirassol

“The Confiança team played an intelligent game, ran a lot, made our victory as difficult as possible, so we have to value it. These moments against teams that are at the bottom will be difficult, they have been playing life and we needed to win. three games that we didn’t win and now there are three that we don’t lose. So that’s the way you want to see it. We have to value these three points. Today we have 26, the same number of points as the leader, even though we know they have fewer games and that’s why we have to value this victory”, he said.

Deep knowledge of the competition, in which he has already won two titles for Vila Nova-GO (in 2015 and 2020, against Clube do Remo), Márcio Fernandes highlighted the union that exists between the players of Paysandu. However, the coach stressed the importance of strengthening the squad with the arrival of new players – especially for the final stretch of the national competition – where every detail is essential in order to gain access.

“There are two things that make a team reach access, to be champions. The first is the union of the group. The second is to pay attention to all the details, not only on the field. Sometimes we think that football is decided only inside the field and it’s not like that. Team and condition we have. Pay attention to that. I’m satisfied with the squad, but we need more options, to strengthen even more. In the final stretch we lost three players for the next game and that greatly reduces our options”, he reported.

Paysandu: Genilson detonates refereeing after victory. “difficult”

Paysandu: midfielder José Aldo challenges referee after sending off

Next weekend, Paysandu will go to Salvador to face one of the most traditional and well-known opponents in northeastern football, which is Vitória-BA. If, on the one hand, Rubro Negro Baiano is going through a fickle phase that leaves it even close to the relegation zone, on the other hand, Papão will try to consolidate its classification once and for all. In the duel that will take place on Sunday (17), at the Barradão stadium, Fernandes already knows that he will not be able to count on three important players from his team: defender Genilson and midfielder Mikael, suspended with three yellow cards, and midfielder José Aldo, sent off.

“We haven’t thought about it yet. Of course, we already know that we won’t be able to count on these players, this will make it even more difficult. Our squad is not very numerous, the options are small. we have, the best possible way to fit a team and play against Vitória. Today we received some cards with excess, I think I could have taken a little longer, apart from Mikael, he forced a card with eight minutes, he complained a lot with the referee, but there are others that the Confiança team hit the same way and didn’t get a card. This made me upset in the match”, he concluded.

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