how to make this sweet that is pure temptation

The bite of the fudge is between a well-pulled brigadeiro and a sweet dulce de leche cut. As it is not exactly creamy like the first and not as crystallized as the second, it conquers the sweet tooth for the texture that unites the best of both worlds.

The recipe, originally made with sugar, butter and milk, is made easier with condensed milk. In the program “Cozinha por Aí”, the influencer Pedro de Bem presents the step by step and says that he met numerous versions of the sweetie in Australia.

He lived in the biggest country in Oceania from 2016 to 2018 to play football. Due to some injuries, however, he shifted his career focus to the kitchen. The first professional experiences took place there.

“In shopping malls in Australia, there are several stalls specializing in fudge. It has numerous flavors to please all types of customers”.

In the episode, he chooses to teach what takes white chocolate and macadamia nuts, which can be substituted for another nut without any problem or even dried fruit, cracked cookies or whatever your imagination dictates.

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white chocolate fudge

american passion

The first records of the dessert are from the United States. In 1886, a Baltimore educator wrote in a letter that she bought a box of fudge for 40 cents a pound.

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Fudge-making: who knew how to make fudge

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Consumption was driven by the drop in the price of refined white sugar and the desire to consume an elaborate candy that was not so expensive and difficult to reproduce at home.

In women’s colleges, where the request became popular, those who knew the recipe was called “fudge-making”. In 1887, Original Murdick’s Fudge was born in Michigan, a tourist-oriented shop where fudge is the main attraction.

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Urubici: the land of waterfalls

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