How war in Ukraine makes future of tanks uncertain

  • Frank Gardner
  • security correspondent

People inspecting abandoned tanks in Irpin

Credit, Getty Images

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Russia is estimated to have lost 700 tanks this year

The many images of Russian tanks destroyed in Ukraine have led to the question of whether anti-tank weapons have rendered these war vehicles obsolete on the battlefield.

“This is an issue that comes up every time a tank is destroyed,” says David Willey, curator of the Tank Museum in Dorset, UK, which houses the world’s largest collection of tanks.

“As the tank is a symbol of power, when it is defeated people are quick to conclude that it has lost its usefulness.”

We’re watching a Soviet-designed T72 main battle tank test its engines and head to the gas station before a demonstration. This is the same model tank that crossed Russia’s borders with Ukraine in February and was destroyed by the hundreds by small groups of Ukrainians well-trained in the use of drones, Javelin missiles and the so-called New Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons (Nlaws, in acronym in English).

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