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The relationship between striker Hulk and referee Anderson Daronco had another chapter this Sunday in the game between Atlético-MG x São Paulo, at Mineirão. At the end of the game, Hulk shot the referee. But this bullshit hasn’t started now. On the contrary. Since the attacker returned to Brazil, the meeting of “strong men” has already generated meme, (many) complaints, jokes, titles and even guarantees in the “fight”. O ge gathered some of those moments.

This Sunday after the tie with São Paulo, Hulk reported that the referee spoke to him in a threatening tone. Football director Rodrigo Caetano also took to the microphones after the game and said that there is a possibility that the club will ask Daronco no longer whistles Rooster matches.

– When the game was over, he said: “be careful what you say outside”. I said “why?”, and he replied “because it’s not the last game I’ll referee from you”. Is this a threat or not? I don’t know. In front of my four children, it was the conversation I had with him there. – claimed Hulk on field trip.

Since returning to Brazil and working for Atlético-MGHulk and Daronco met in nine games, with five wins by Galo, three draws and one defeat. In this list raised by Espião Statístico there are still two Atlético titles whistled by referee Anderson Daronco. (2021 Copa do Brasil and Supercopa do Brasil in 2022). See full list below.

Hulk, from Atlético-MG, criticized the performance of referee Anderson Daronco – Photo: Pedro Souza

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Hulk x Daronco — Photo: Globo

In the first game in which the “strong ones” met was in the 2021 Brazilian, also in an Atlético-MG x São Paulo. The game was at Mineirão with a 1-0 victory for Galo. The conversation between player and referee resulted in a shower of memes on the internet that tried to guess what the subject was. During the match, Hulk talked a lot with the referee. See video below.

Hulk, from Atlético-MG, complains about foul with referee Anderson Daronco

Hulk, from Atlético-MG, complains about foul with referee Anderson Daronco

Complaints and more complaints

During the 2021 season, there were more complaints from Hulk regarding Daronco’s refereeing. In the classic against América-MG, Galo won 1-0. During the match, Hulk got annoyed with the non-marking of free kicks. In one of the bids, the athlete was without his boot, but Daronco scored nothing.

Hulk complains a lot about foul in game between Atlético x America with Daronco refereeing – Photo: Premiere

In Fluminense 1 x 2 Atlético, at Nilton Santos, for the Copa do Brasil, last year, also with the referee commanding the match, more complaints. The striker charged a lot of unmarked fouls and complained about the non-marking of a penalty in the 45th minute of the second half. The attacker was blocked.

The match between Galo 2 x 2 Palmeiras also yielded complaints from the striker. This was the first time Hulk scored the net with referee Anderson Daronco officiating the match.

The defeat to Flamengo, by 1 to 0, in the Brazilian of last year was another chapter in the history between the attacker and the referee. That game yielded stronger statements from Hulk regarding refereeing. At the end of the match, Hulk said that Daronco had made a “ridiculous” referee.

Hulk complains about Daronco's refereeing, after defeat to Flamengo

Hulk complains about Daronco’s refereeing, after defeat to Flamengo

– I went to talk to Daronco. Since I arrived here, my first year, I’ve always looked at Daronco as the best referee shot here, with all due respect to everyone. But what he did here today was ridiculous. Much disrespect. When Flamengo made it 1-0, I’m not justifying our defeat, it could have drawn, it could have turned the game around, we could have conceded more goals, it doesn’t justify

Hulk answers curious questions: Is he stronger than Daronco?

Hulk answers curious questions: Is he stronger than Daronco?

Referee Anderson Daronco has also made statements about the striker. Compliments are among them. But the one that draws the most attention is the answer about a possible fight with the attacker.

Asked during an interview with “clear channel” if ” in the hand would the Hulk give a dick?” Daronco answers that ” Yes “. Hulk asked during participation in the program Bem, Amigos! who was the strongest, the attacker replied: ” Me, of course “.

“Hulk is for peace, he is an ace, he is for the game. This dialogue has to exist, with respect and limits”, said Daronco in an interview with the Talk Show channel in December 2021.

Watch: all about Atlético on ge, Globo and Sportv

See list of Atlético matches that Daronco refereed

Daronco refereeing Atletico games

2021-Brazilian Atletico MG 1 x 0 Sao Paulo
2021-Brazilian America-MG 0 x 1 Atlético-MG
2021-Brazil Cup Fluminense 1 x 2 Atlético-MG
2021-Brazilian Flamengo 1 x 0 Atletico MG
2021-Brazilian Palmeiras 2 x 2 Atlético-MG
2021-Brazil Cup Atletico PR 1 x 2 Atletico MG
2022 – Brazilian Super Cup Atlético-MG 2 (8 x 7) 2 Flamengo
2022-Brazilian Atletico-MG 2 x 0 Atletico-GO
2022-Brazilian Atletico MG 0 x 0 Sao Paulo

* Intern under the supervision of Laura Rezende

Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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