“It’s hard to play football making so many mistakes”, says Gerson Gusmão after Remo’s defeat to Atlético-CE | rowing

– A game to forget, the team was unrecognizable in my way of seeing and thinking about the game. It was a game that we could have produced and we should have produced a lot more, especially in the first half, when we got some opportunities, but our decision-making and our technical part was bad again. It’s hard to play football making so many mistakes, isn’t it? You will end up providing the opponent with counterattacks, transitions – comments coach Gerson Gusmão.

Gerson Gusmão, rowing coach — Photo: Tarso Sarraf/O Liberal

The team today played a very bad game. We even had some clear opportunities and we could have gone ahead in the first half.

— Gerson Gusmão, Remo coach

The first goal conceded by Remo came in a retreat in the “fire” for the goalkeeper Vinícius, practically on top of the line of the post, who could not control the ball and was surprised by Vanilson, who arrived to put it in. The move ended up making the team feel, according to the Azulino coach.

– In the second half, we were unfortunate in a back ball and that we ended up conceding the goal. The team felt this goal a lot, it took a while to return to the game and the awareness of what they needed to be able to draw and turn the game around. When we did that, it was already too late. We went to get it in a disorganized way.

This was the second game in a row that Vinícius failed in Leão’s goal. The coach recognizes that the goalkeeper is not having a good phase and does not rule out removing the player from the starting lineup, in order to preserve the club’s idol.

– Vinícius is an idol, he is a reference player. He is one of the team leaders. It’s really not going through a good moment. Second game in a row that has a clear flaw, not only Vinícius, but the entire athlete can be substituted, yes. If we understand that it is the opportunity to make an exchange, even to preserve the athlete, in the next home game. But we’ll analyze, we’ll think about it. Undoubtedly, he is a player that we talk to, we try to understand and he has no other problem, just the technical part.

Coach Gerson Gusmão admits he can take Vinícius out of the starting lineup to “preserve” the goalkeeper — Photo: Igor Mota/O Liberal

It’s a bad moment, we know this will pass, but we don’t have that margin. We don’t have that time, we need to react and win in the competition. There may be an exchange there.

— Gerson Gusmão, Remo coach

Gerson Gusmão took responsibility for the team’s defeat. However, the coach did not hide his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance and said that there are athletes who are not giving themselves “100%”. He also claims that charges have already been made for this to change in the next games.

– In the collective, the responsibility is of the coach who climbs, who assembles the team, who makes the planning. There will be some demands, we already did in the locker room, that we need to change, especially attitude. We cannot accept some things that we are noticing on the field, such as the lack of combativeness of some players, who are not 100% dedicated. We will be able to and have already paid for it. We are going to charge more so that we can have a team with more vibration in what the fans want to see the team.

Something that drew attention in the list of related for the match was the absence of attacking midfielder Erick Flores, one of the main players in the squad and who had been a starter. Gusmão says that he was left out only for technical reasons.

– It was our choice, to give Albano and (Anderson) Paraíba the opportunity to play both midfielders on the inside. I think Albano played a regular game in the first half and then he felt the physical part.

Atlético-CE vs Remo, Serie C — Photo: Samara Miranda/Ascom Remo

With the defeat, Remo dropped to 13th place, with 18 points. In the 15th round, Leão will receive ABC. The match is scheduled for next Sunday, at 7 pm, at the Baenão Stadium, in Belém (PA).

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