Johnny Depp sells NFTs, donates part of the profits to a children’s hospital linked to Amber Heard

The fight between the disaffected and divorced Johnny Depp and Amber Heard reached the crypto universe. After composing a song pinning the actress, who lost a lawsuit and was eventually found guilty of defamation, having to pay $10.35 million in damages to the actor, Depp, who was also ordered to pay $2 million to Heard for the same reason, decided to do philanthropy by selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and included among the benefited institutions a hospital that would have received unfulfilled donation promises from Heard in 2016.

“Johnny Depp’s Never Fear Truth NFT sale was always intended to benefit charities and we are pleased to confirm that nearly $800,000 in total donations has been contributed to the following organizations:

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation (via CAF America)
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (via CAF America)
The Footprint Coalition
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA),” the collection’s Twitter post read.

On the OpenSea NFTs marketplace platform, Never Fear Truth is described as a collection of 3,850 NFTs created by Johny Depp, cryptoassets that function as a “key to an association for its community and future releases”, which suggests to be a kind of utility token between the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star and his fans, or interested investors, as sales take place until August 10th.

According to the publication, one of the institutions benefiting from the sale of the NFTs, The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA), Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, was cited during the libel trial. That’s because in 2016, the “Aquaman” star said he would split his $7 million divorce settlement between two charities, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which would not have happened.

Confronted by Depp’s defense, Heard claimed that she was unable to honor her promises because of the high legal costs she was having as a result of the lawsuit brought against her by her ex-husband. The actress also said that she used the words “promised” and “given” interchangeably, as well as comparing donations to buying a home through long-term mortgage payments.

Anyone who thinks that the relationship between Johnny Depp and the crypto universe is recent is wrong. In 2018, for example, he teamed up with crypto social entertainment platform TaTaTu to produce content through his own production company, as well as being among the five Hollywood actors who invested in cryptocurrencies before the 2017 bull run, as reported. Cointelegraph Brazil.


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