Learn how to put photos on WhatsApp keyboard

If you’ve always wanted to make your phone look just like you, know that you can customize it with the help of other apps. The messaging platform only uses the template pre-installed in the phone’s operating system and does not offer any customization features for the keyboard. However, apps like Google Keyboard, Gboard, allow you to customize the UI and add a background image as you type.

As this change affects the entire system, it will be visible on WhatsApp and all other apps installed on your device. So learn in this article how to put photo on cell phone keyboard.

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Learn how to put images on your cell phone keyboard

One way to make your phone more personalized and fun is to put images on your keyboard. However, it is not possible to do this without the help of specific applications that offer the possibility to type while looking at the desired photos. First, you need to configure the gboard as standard keyboard. This action has different interfaces on Android and iPhone. See below for instructions on how to send a photo to WhatsApp!

How to put photo on cell phone keyboard?

First, open the Gboard application and select the “theme” option. After that, you have to click on the “+” icon and go to “my themes”. There you will be able to choose which image you want to import from the gallery into the application. After making the necessary adjustments, such as changing the brightness, zooming, positioning the desired way, just click on the “use” option. That way, Gboard will do all the work and put the chosen photo on your keyboard.

Other keyboard apps, including Gboard, offer the same customization option. One of them is Microsoft’s SwiftKey (Android | iOS), which offers a variety of theme and layout options.

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