Man loses iPhone and sees video of who found it in the cloud: ‘Come get it’

A teenager managed to notify the owner of a lost iPhone that she had recovered his device through a video saved in the owner’s account, by the Apple cloud. The case took place in Porto Velho and the video in which the student Esther Araújo appears giving instructions on how the cell phone could be recovered was successful on social networks.

In the video published by architect Luiz Carvalho’s girlfriend, owner of the device, weeks ago, Esther sends the message: “Man, owner of the cell phone you dropped, we found it and we studied at 4 de Janeiro school. Come get it.”

“I put the cell phone inside the bag. In my haste, I put it in an open pocket. The bag is made of a smooth material and the cell phone was without a cover, so it easily slides in there”, recalls Carvalho about the moment he believes he dropped his cell phone . “I got desperate because I move everything there, bank account, company account, work registration and everything else. There’s that feeling of ‘it’s gone'”.

To block and try to locate the cell phone, he entered the cloud, but came across the “reassuring” video. As she had already given the time to leave, she left her cell phone with a person in charge at the school and he went to get it.

Esther said that this was the first time this had occurred to her, but that she already knew how to try to warn the cell phone owner. “As I knew that the iPhone has the cloud and that you can access it from anywhere, so I thought, ‘If I make a video here, he can access and search for his cell phone.

She says she is “shocked” that the video was successful. “I never thought that a video I made to help the owner find his cell phone would get so many views,” said the student. “I was also very happy with the affection of the people”.

They reported that they still haven’t been able to see each other in person, but Carvalho wants to thank her for her attitude that he considered “amazing”. “Her attitude of quick thinking that somehow I would access the video over the cloud was amazing. It was supposed to be a normal attitude, but unfortunately we have to deal with bad people.”

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