Microsoft is in talks to bring NIS America games to Xbox, says Nick Baker

Microsoft may have entered into negotiations with NIS America to bring the games published by the Japanese publisher to the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, like those in the series. dysgaea. That’s at least according to the latest tip from Nick Baker, aka Shpeshal_Nick.

On the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast, Baker hinted that Microsoft is working with NIS America to bring some of their games, or perhaps a specific series, to Green Cross platforms. In doing so, he reminded viewers of the podcast that he had also heard similar rumors for the Persona series, which is now in the works on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as well.

Baker didn’t mention any games in particular, but the most popular name is that of the Disgaea RPG series, with the latest installment, Disgaea 6, coming to Nintendo Switch last year and PC, PS5, and PS4 last month. NIS America is a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software and is responsible for localizing and publishing games in the West, also from other external Japanese developers such as those from Nihon Falcom (The Legend of Heroes, YS) that may be involved in the crosshairs.

We’ll see, but for the moment we suggest that you take these rumors with caution. Nick Baker is a well-known insider in the industry, but not all of his tips have been proven correct in the past.


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