More than 500 thousand households will have to change satellite dish for digital equipment with the arrival of 5G in PB | Paraíba

About 537,595 households in Paraíba will have to change the satellite dish for digital TV equipment to continue watching open TV when 5G arrives in the state.

The numbers are from the 2019 National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), and were provided to the g1 by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

Paraíba is the third state in the Northeast with the fewest households that use satellite dishes to watch TV. The state is only ahead of Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe, which, respectively, have 436,028 and 229,163 homes with satellite dishes.

According to Anatel, João Pessoa will be the first city in Paraíba that will receive 5G and consequently will not use satellite dishes. The precise date for the implementation of the new technology was not disclosed by Anatel.

Campina Grande, on the other hand, will only receive 5G from July 31, 2026, as it has a smaller population, and this is one of the criteria for starting to use the new service.

According to Anatel, people who are part of the Single Registry (CadÚnico), of the Federal Government, will receive free kits to be able to watch TV through Band C, which is a type of frequency that works for transmission in digital form.

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