NVIDIA may delay GeForce RTX 40 lineup by current flurry of RXT 30 cards

Fall in cryptocurrency values ​​could generate an inventory crisis for the manufacturer

Initially expected for October this year, the GeForce RTX 40 line may end up being delayed by NVIDIA by a few months. According to sources heard by Moore’s Law is Dead channel, the company may present its new components only in decemberas a way to avoid conflicts with sales of your current generation of graphics cards.

The main reason for the decision would be theflurry of RTX 30 lineup GPUs” currently available, especially in the used market. With the drop in the price of today’s main cryptocurrencies, many mining structures are being dismantled and their owners are trying to recoup part of the investment by selling the parts used in them.

The decline in the cryptocurrency segment is alsois affecting the new GPU segment, which is seeing a drop in overall demand. Thus, resellers who need to handle large inventories of the RTX 30 line would have Fewer reasons to invest in NVIDIA’s new lineup until they are able to recoup at least part of their past investments.

GPU market could shrink by up to 35%

While information from Moore’s Law is Dead should only be treated as rumors, they are reinforced by a series of information obtained by other vehicles. Bloomberg claims that the cryptocurrency slump is likely to hit Nvidia’s expected earnings hard, which can see up to 35% of the GPU market simply disappear.

Rumors point to NVIDIA RTX 4090 clocked even higher: from 2235 to 2520 MHz

Rumors point to NVIDIA RTX 4090 clocked even higher: from 2235 to 2520 MHz
Leaker says the maximum frequency is even higher

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DigiTimes reinforces this context, stating that the company is trying to renegotiate its contracts with TSMC to decrease the quantities of RTX 40 cards that will be produced in the coming months. The foundry has been quite resistant to the idea, as, at NVIDIA’s request, allocated many of its production lines to new components — and stop producing them, keeping equipment stopped even if temporarily, can mean significant damage.

A postponement of the launch of the new line to December may not fully solve the company’s problems, but can help give it the breath it needs to manage the problem of overstocking that is being built. The forecast is that the RTX 40 line will be up to twice as powerful as the current RTX 30having as main component the powerful RTX 4090, which should win a Ti model shortly after its launch.


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