Population is scared with ‘body floating’, but the story has a surprising ending; VIDEO

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An elderly man decided to practice the ancient practice of meditation in an unusual place: a sewage channel in the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

People passing by the canal thought they had found a dead body when they saw it submerged in dirty water. In the video, you could only see the old man’s head floating around the garbage.

The population, who quickly gathered around the canal, tried to scream and get the old man’s attention, to make sure he was unconscious.

With no answers and no sign of life, they decided to call the police. Before the authorities arrive at the scene, a young man decides to go down to the sewer channel and try to rescue the body.

When touched, the old man reacted and surprised everyone who was there.

“We thought he was dead! Everyone was screaming, but he didn’t respond,” said a witness to the event.

“When someone tried to pull him out, he woke up and said he was just meditating,” he concluded.

Witnesses stated that the elderly man even complained to the young man for having been awakened in the midst of his meditation. After pulling the man out of the sewer, doctors examined him in the ambulance and he appeared to be in perfect health.

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