Professor draws attention by returning 33 months salary to university

A professor returned 33 salaries, the equivalent of R$160,000, after not giving any face-to-face classes at the institution where he works in Bihar, India. Lalan Kumar, 33, has been teaching at Nisheswar College since September 2019 and no students have attended his face-to-face class in nearly three years, according to Indian website Indian Express.

Kumar said that conscience weighed heavily and that was the reason for returning the salary. “My conscience does not allow me to receive a salary without teaching. Even during the online classes, there were only a handful of students present in the classes. If I received a salary without teaching for five years, it would be academic death for me,” he said.

“I listened to my inner voice and decided to return my salary for two years and nine months to the university.”

Manoj Kumar, dean of the college, questioned the reason for this devolution. “It’s not just the absence of students, but a pressure tactic to get a transfer to the graduate department,” suspects the dean, according to the Indian Express.

Asked about the absence of students, the dean blamed the pandemic. “Academic activity has been affected due to covid-19. A few months after Lalan Kumar joined, the world saw several waves of cases and we had online classes during this period”.

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