Selena Gomez fans threaten the singer’s privacy, says website Rolling Stone

Selena Gomez’s security team reported two attacks on the singer’s Los Angeles mansion, according to TMZ

People are using the wrong strategies to get people’s attention. Selena Gomez. The singer’s security had two attempts to invade the privacy of Selenaaccording to information from the TMZ

In the early hours of Sunday, 10, a man was arrested after trying to break into the artist’s home, Los Angeles, California (USA). The information provided by TMZ say that the fan had tried to jump a fence of the residence around 1 am, but ended up being detained by the singer’s security team and charged with trespassing.

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The site also reported that, a few weeks ago, a fan was captured by the security team after writing, supposedly in blood, the name of Selena on a mattress and, soon after, set fire to the object in front of his house. The police were called and the boy was caught red-handed.

artists like Ariana Grande they’ve also had to deal with unconventional attempts to contact an idol. Last month, Great had her house invaded by the same man who chased her in September of last year.

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