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Using interaction stickers on Instagram Stories is a good strategy to increase follower engagement — that is, get more likes and responses. The social network offers different stickers, such as polls, questions, emojis, and others. Each one can be used in different ways to grab the attention of friends and visitors. In addition to making the stories more attractive, stickers also help to increase the reach of publications. That’s because Instagram’s algorithms highlight posts with more interactions: that is, the more engagement the post has, the greater the reach. Check out seven stickers you should use to get more engagement in Stories below.

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Instagram stickers can increase Stories engagement — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/TechTudo

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The poll sticker allows the user to ask a question to the followers and offers four multiple choice alternatives for them to give their opinion on the matter. As people cast their votes, the sticker shows the percentage of the most voted item. The ease of participating in the poll (by just tapping the screen) can be an attraction for users to interact with that content.

Instagram Stories poll allows you to enter up to four alternatives to vote — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

For the general public, it might just be a way to create quick discussions online. However, because it is a sticker that reveals the opinion of followers, the tool can be used by companies to collect ideas and feedback from consumers about their products or actions, creating a close relationship with visitors.

Just like the poll sticker, the Instagram question box also allows the user to post a question to the followers. The difference, however, is that there are no alternatives pre-determined by the creator, but a blank field for visitors to write in plain text their opinion on the subject in question.

The tool allows you to ask questions on any topic: from the best color of clothing to wear that day to political issues, for example. This expands the possibilities of interaction with all possible niches. The possibility of leaving a longer report can also make people feel more comfortable to comment on something in depth, without being “stuck” with a concrete alternative.

Question sticker can also be used in Instagram lives — Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

The creator can still share the responses received on their own profile, commenting on the public’s opinion on the subject. Question boxes can be useful to show interest in the feedback left by followers, which can bring the creator even closer to your audience. It is worth mentioning that the sticker is also available for use in Instagram lives.

The test sticker works similarly to the poll, but it has a differential: the user must write a question, inform the alternatives and determine which one is correct. Thus, followers must choose one of the options and find out whether or not they got the question right. As with other stickers, the user can use the tool to talk about any topic.

Creating tests on Instagram Stories is a simple procedure — Photo: Disclosure/Instagram

The great asset of the sticker to increase engagement is precisely to awaken in the follower the doubt about which alternative is correct, making him have to interact to discover the right answer. This can be used by the content creator in a variety of ways, such as trivia about their life, profession, or trivial topics.

The countdown sticker serves to arouse unease in followers about an upcoming event. The creator determines the date of a special event, and Instagram automatically shows how much time is left for the event to happen, in days, hours and minutes. Interested users can activate a reminder through the sticker itself to be notified when the countdown ends, increasing post engagement.

Instagram countdown sticker helps build anticipation around a topic — Photo: Disclosure/Instagram

You can use the sticker to create suspense about a product launch, a long-awaited event, the revelation of a novelty or a change in look, for example. In addition to the notification, the sticker can arouse users’ curiosity about the event’s preparations, making people follow that creator’s Stories more frequently until the day arrives.

The emoji slider is a simple interaction sticker where the creator can ask a question and choose an emoji for users to respond to the question by determining the intensity of their feeling (how excited or sad, for example) about a certain topic. Using a swipe command, visitors can express their opinion and view an average of responses given to the sticker.

Sliding emoji shows animations when answering the question — Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

The sticker can be made with any emoji on the keyboard, but it is quite common to see passionate faces and hearts on the sticker, demonstrating the level of “love” given by followers to that publication. As such, the creator can “appeal” to sentiment and an emotional context to ensure follower engagement.

The “Your turn” sticker allows you to create chains in Instagram Stories. Any user can create a new challenge for followers to replicate that joke in their own stories, continuing the chain. This will cause new posts to be appended to the original post, which will always show the creator profile name.

Followers can continue with the “Use a Sua” sticker on Instagram — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

The sticker can be useful to demonstrate the creator’s creativity. If the chain goes viral in Stories, it is possible for users participating in the game to access the profile of the creator and follow the account to wait for new challenges. Furthermore, having many publications attached to a chain shows that the original idea was well accepted by the public, granting authority to the individual on that topic.

The emoji reaction sticker is also simple to operate and allows interactions with just one tap on the screen. The creator can choose any emoji from the keyboard to add to the sticker, so that the followers show their feelings towards that post. By tapping the sticker, followers will see a “rain of emojis” across the screen.

Emoji sticker allows you to react to the story with a shower of faces on the screen — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Although there is no interaction with texts or responses, the sticker is useful to know if the followers liked that content and if they share the same opinion as the creator on the published subject. Thus, it is possible to understand what the public likes to create new content related to that theme.

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