Tourists will be enchanted by the new Notre Dame project in Paris. Check the details

One of the most famous tourist spots in Paris, France, will get a new face. The area around Notre Dame Cathedral will be completely renovated and should be ready in 2027.

In April 2019, a fire destroyed much of Notre Dame, damaging its historic structure. Since then, experts have been working to return the finished cathedral to the city. According to the schedule, it should be reopened to Parisians and tourists in 2024.

The new Notre Dame project in Paris

The project to renovate the surroundings of Notre Dame is budgeted at 52 million euros and provides for a greener and much more welcoming look.

Bureau Bas Smets project. Photos Disclosure

The idea of ​​the project is to re-establish a better relationship between the Cathedral and the River Seine, placing the famous Ile de la Cité (the “island” where Notre Dame is located) as the epicenter of Paris.

Among the novelties is a 400 m² long park that runs from the south façade of the Cathedral to the Seine, a new space where people will be able to enjoy picnics, for example.

The project plan also includes a 17,000 m² lawn behind the Cathedral, completely changing the look of the environment.

The more than 30% of vegetation that will be added to the area will help combat weather conditions. According to the ABC website, 131 trees are planned to be planted at the site.

Paris seen from the top of Notre Dame before the fire – the surroundings of the Cathedral will undergo renovations

New platform and museum at Notre Dame

The underground parking under Notre Dame square is not part of the new project and will give way to a platform that will serve as a welcoming center for visitors to the Cathedral, in addition to housing an archaeological museum.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2024, after the Paris Olympics.

Who’s looking forward to seeing Notre Dame open again? If you have already visited it, leave your comment.

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