With Lucas Barbosa’s goal, Santos beats Atlético-GO in the first game without Bustos

O saints won the Atlético-GO 1-0 on Sunday night, for the 16th round of the Brazilian championship. Peixe, in its first game without coach Fabián Bustos, triumphed again after six matches. Marcelo Fernandes commanded the team on an interim basis at Vila Belmiro.

Santos’ goal was scored by young Lucas Barbosa, who had entered the second stage. This was Peixe’s first victory in Vila Belmiro since May 18, when they beat Union La Calera-CHI 1-0 in the Copa Sudamericana. Interestingly, Barbosa was the author of the goals of both triumphs.

With the result, Peixe jumped to eighth place in the Brazilian Championship, with 22 points. Atlético-GO, in turn, went to the 18th position, with 17.

The game – The first half was marked by balance. Both teams had chances to go into the break ahead.

Atlético-GO started better, with a dangerous finish from Hayner after just six minutes. Then, in the 11th minute, Baralhas kicked to defense without any problems from João Paulo.

Santos then responded. At 15 minutes, Marcos Leonardo received a cross in the measure of Rodrigo Fernández and, alone, headed out.

Then, Léo Baptistão finished Madson’s cross, but stopped on goalkeeper Ronaldo. The attacker would still have another shot at finishing over the Dragon’s goal.

The game went through a lukewarm period, but heated up in the final stretch of the first stage. In the 42nd minute, Lucas Braga lined up on the right, crossed, but the Dragon’s defense removed the danger.

Atlético-GO responded with a counterattack, with a submission by Jorginho that stopped on Eduardo Bauermann. Coach Jorginho’s team would still have good arrivals in a shot by Airton for João Paulo’s defense and an attempt by Baralhas that stopped Vinicius Zanocelo.

Second time

The second stage started worrying for Santos, who did little and saw Atlético-GO impose itself. After just four minutes, Airton received a low cross from Hayner and finished close to João Paulo’s goal.

At 13, midfielder Jorginho received the right cross, and alone, took a lot of Peixe’s goal. Santos gave a timid response at 23, with a long shot by Bruno Oliveira who went over Ronaldo’s goal. Then Bauermann managed a dangerous header from a set piece,

The game was lukewarm until Lucas Barbosa, in a set piece, opened the scoring for Santos in the 31st minute. In a corner kick, Maicon finished on top of Atlético-GO’s defense, but the ball was left for Lucas Barbosa to kick without major problems in the small area.

At 36, Atlético-GO managed a good attack with Jefferson, who fired a bomb to defend João Paulo. A minute later, Churin headed in danger, on the Santos goal side.

In the final stretch of the match, Atlético-GO still tried to scare the boy Lucas Lima, but without success. Bruno Oliveira still almost extended it to Santos with a shot placed in the final minutes. Relief washed over Vila Belmiro after Braulio da Silva Machado’s final whistle.


Place: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP)
Date: July 10, 2022, Sunday
Time: 18:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Braulio da Silva Machado (FIFA/SC)
Assistants: Alex dos Santos (SC) and Éder Alexandre (SC)
VAR: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC)
Yellow cards: Vinicius Zanocelo, Carlos Sánchez, Rodrigo Fernandez, Camacho, Lucas Barbosa, Marcelo Fernandes (Santos); Shaylon, Luiz Fernando, Ronaldo, Hayner (Atlético-GO)
Red card:
Public: 8,588 fans
Income: BRL 284,207.50

Lucas Barbosa (31 minutes of Q2)

SAINTS: João Paulo, Madson, Maicon, Bauermann, Felipe Jonatan, Rodrigo Fernández (Vinicius Balieiro), Zanocelo (Camacho), Sánchez (Bruno Oliveira), Léo Baptistão (Lucas Barbosa), Lucas Braga and Marcos Leonardo.
Technician: Marcelo Fernandes

ATHLETIC-GO: Ronaldo; Hayner, Wanderson, Ramon and Jefferson (Arthur Henrique); Decks (Rickson), Edson (Lucas Lima) and Jorginho (Léo Pereira); Shaylon (Luiz Fernando), Churin and Airton
Technician: jorginho

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