Without energy, Castelão has robberies and fights between organized Fortaleza fans – Play

The blackout that occurred at Arena Castelão in the match between Strength and palm trees caused problems on and off the field. The game ended before the end of regulation time and, on leaving the stadium, Fortaleza fans reported several confusions, such as robberies and fights.

Inside the stadium itself, several riots were witnessed and recorded by fans present in the stands. Including fights between the tricolors themselves.

On the way out, more confusion. As the entire stadium was without power, there was not even lighting so that fans could safely leave Castelão, which generated more rush. On social media, there were several negative reports about the event.

Conflict between organized

According to reports from those present at the stadium, the conflict in one of the sectors of the Castelão Arena took place due to the confrontation between two organized supporters of the club that, despite supporting the same team, consider themselves rivals.

The fact raises concern for the Clássico-Rei on Wednesday (13), for the Copa do Brasil, when Fortaleza fans will be concentrated in a small space, given that Ceará will be in command of the field.

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