2022 Emmy Wronged: From Millie Bobby Brown to Selena Gomez, Vote for the Greatest Injustice

The 74th edition of the Emmys released, this Tuesday (12), its full list of nominees. With more than 100 categories, we had some expected highlights such as Zendaya – for her work on “Euphoria” -, the South Korean “Round 6” and “Stranger Things”. The series “Only Murders in the Building”, which recently released its 2nd season on Star+, also took home some nominations.

But at the same time that some fans celebrate the nomination of their favorite actors, actresses and productions, others complain about the absence of important names in entertainment – which, by the way, many critics expected to be there.

Some of the wrongdoers that most shocked the public were Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink, from “Stranger Things”, Selena Gomez from “Only Murders in the Building”, Jennifer Aniston from “The Morning Show”, Mandy More from “This is Us” and Julia Roberts for “Gaslit”.

Vote for the biggest injustice at the 2022 Emmys!

Selena Gomez is forgotten in “Only Murders in the Building”

The injustice with Selena Gomez is even greater when we remember that the series, produced by the actress, was nominated for Best Comedy Series and both actors, who share the spotlight with former Disney star Steve Martin and Martin Short, are in the running for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

In past interviews, the artist has already spoken about the difficulty of being taken seriously in the artistic world. We just hope this doesn’t shake the actress, who plays Mabel in the series.

At least, Gomez is up for the title’s executive producer list and still made history at the awards. According to Variety, Selena is the 2nd Latina in history to be nominated in a production category. The first, and only, time this happened was with Salma Hayek, for “Ugly Betty”, in 2007.

‘Stranger Things’ Actresses Failed Emmy Nomination

Millie and Sadie’s astonishing scenes in their battle against Vecna ​​weren’t enough for the Emmy raters. Only Volume 1 of “Stranger Things” entered the award eligibility period, however, we had strong performances in the first episodes – such as Sadie being possessed by the villain, in the 4th chapter.

The name of the duo of actresses was mentioned a lot by critics and, until now, the fandom of the Netflix series has not understood very well why the two have been forgotten. Among the names nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress and Supporting Actress in a Drama Series – categories they could appear in – are Zendaya, Jodie Eat and Reese Witherspoon – who makes “The Morning Show”, opposite Jennifer Aniston.

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