7 functions that must be active on the iPhone to protect yourself from theft

iPhone is an expensive investment and losing it when stolen is sure to generate losses in addition to financial loss. However, some features of the device allow tracking, enabling recovery. There is also the possibility to avoid scams by activating some settings, preventing criminals from accessing your information.

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Your personal data is concentrated on your cell phone, and even with a password, criminals are able to break these security mechanisms. Documents and bank accounts are often left in evidence, facilitating attacks. Apple, thinking about these risks, created specific barriers to offer protection to users of the iOS system.

Learn how to configure your iPhone to prevent attacks when it is stolen

Use Face ID or Touch ID

Go to ”Settings” and click on ”Face ID and Code”, selecting ”Configure Face ID”. Then just follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. This confirmation makes the smartphone only unlock with your fingerprint or face.

Enable Find My iPhone

In ”Settings”, select its name and click on ”Find”, sliding the ”Find iPhone” button, to activate it. In this way, you will be able to track the cell phone even if it is turned off or disconnected from the internet.

Enable two-factor authentication

To increase the protection of accounts in apps and websites, go to ”Settings”, click on your name and then select ”Password and security” and make sure the setting is active.

Disable locked screen features

By clicking on ”Settings” and ”Face ID and Code” it is possible to select which apps can work and even receive notifications with the screen locked.

Hide banking apps from home screen and search

Leave any app linked to financial institutions protected most of the time, preventing anyone from accessing it.

Activate key ”delete all data”

Under ”Settings”, select ”Face ID and Code” and leave the ”Erase Data” option enabled. If a person tries to hack your device, by trying the same password 10 times, all data will be deleted.

Determine blocking by usage time limit

To determine a certain period of usage in the apps, click on ”Usage Time” and press ”App Limits” and ”Add Limit”, choosing per app, how long it can run daily.

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