After crypto crash, new GPUs are getting cheaper

The price of video cards has dropped a lot in the last few weeks, but not just models resold after mining use. new GPUs are appearing in many online stores well below their suggested prices.

According to information from China, the latest shipments of AMD and Nvidia stock cards arrived at stores costing far below their MSRPs. GPUs with more aggressive price “cuts” have been the ones that promise higher performance.

Models like the RTX 3090 Ti and RX 6900 XT had reductions of up to 38% and 37.5%, respectively. The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090 also saw a fairly large price drop, reportedly by 29% and 33%.

The only graphics cards that are in the single-digit range below the MSRP are the AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT at 6.4% and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti at 4.1%.

Video card price list in the Chinese market, as of July 11.  The values ​​are also compared to the MSRP.  (Wccftech)Video card price list in the Chinese market, as of July 11. The values ​​are also compared to the MSRP. (Wccftech)Source: Wccftech

like the Wccftech explains, the drop in video card prices would have two main reasons. Would they be the “GPU market fix” after two years of problems with supply and logistics, in addition to inflated prices, and the current devaluation of cryptocurrencies.

Retailers are “correcting” the prices of their graphics cards, and shoppers are also benchmarking the values ​​that have come to appear on platforms such as eBay. However, it is worth remembering that many of these used boards were used in cryptocurrency mining, which can greatly affect the life and state of the product.

Despite that, it’s a fact that we’re seeing the market lower prices across the board – and, doing the right research, that’s good news for the ultimate buyer. Even better when we remember that soon the next generation cards will be released, and more aggressive discounts may apply.

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