American who killed his mother, father and two brothers makes profile on dating site

a man who brutally murdered his mother, father and two younger brothers wrote a profile on a dating site for detainees, ensuring they have a “sense of humor”.

Nicholas Wagoner Browning was just 15 years old when took his father’s gun and coldly shot him while he sleptat the family home in Cockeysville (Maryland, USA) on February 1, 2008. He then shot his mother and two brothers, 13-year-old Gregory and 11-year-old Benjamin..

Nicholas (featured) and the relatives he killed in 2008 Photo: Reproduction

The killer then went to a friend’s house to play video games and invited his friends to a party at his house the next day.

Nicholas later called 911 to report that he had found his father’s lifeless body. But the lie did not last long. He soon confessed to the bloody attack. The American claimed he carried out the murders because his parents John and Tamara were abusive alcoholics.

But now the convicted murderer has released a letter explaining that he is “looking for a good conversation” and it is “open to chat with anyone”reported a report in the “Daily Star”.

“As you can imagine, the prison is not overflowing with people you want to trust”he wrote in the profile.

“I enjoy my pleasures in the little things now – conveniently enough given my circumscribed privileges – music is certainly one of them. On the inevitable hard days, a quiet afternoon in my cell with good music is a fun metaphorical escape. I’m a fan of indie music. rock”he added, trying to pass his profile on to interested parties.

He even questioned his initiative, posting:

“I struggle to know if it’s obscene for a murderer to write. It’s a wonderful break from the monotony of this place.”

Nicholas, now 30, also posted casual photos of him smiling in jeans and a plain shirt in an attempt to find someone to write for him, who says he has a bachelor’s degree and an MBA.

Nicholas complies four life sentencesbut may apply for the conditional regime.

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