Bad debt hits new record, indicates Serasa

According to Serasa Experian, Brazil had 66.6 million people in default in May, the highest number of debtors since 2016.

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According to data from Serasa Experian, Brazil had 66.6 million people in default in May, the highest number of debtors since 2016, when the survey began. In this way, the number of citizens with overdue bills hit a new record in the country.

Thus, the amount of debt reached R$ 278.3 billion, an average of R$ 4,179.50 per debt.

Therefore, in the annual comparison, with May 2021, there was an increase of 4 million people with the dirty name. And since January 2022, the number of negative people has increased by 1.8 million.

Debts by segment

In summary, the bank and card segment is responsible for most debts, with 28.2% of the total. Then there are basic bills such as water, electricity and gas, with 22.7%. The retail and financial sectors, on the other hand, tied for third place, with 12.5% ​​each.

Delinquency by region

In the division by region, the state that concentrates the largest number of defaulters is São Paulo, with 15.6 million people. The state with the lowest number of negatives is Roraima, with 218,922 people with a dirty name. Check out the states with the highest number of defaulters:

  1. São Paulo – 15.6 million;
  2. Rio de Janeiro – 6.7 million;
  3. Minas Gerais – 6.3 million;
  4. Bahia – 4.1 million; and
  5. Paraná – 3.5 million.

Withdrawals from savings

On July 7, the Central Bank reported that withdrawals from savings accounts exceeded deposits by R$50.5 billion in the first half of this year.

According to the agency, withdrawals totaled BRL 1.808 trillion in the first six months of the year. Deposits, on the other hand, totaled R$ 1.758 trillion in the same period.

The high outflow of savings resources this year accompanies the increase in inflation. For in 12 months up to May, the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), which takes into account the country’s official inflation, accumulates a high of 11.73%.

Thus, it has been nine consecutive months with double-digit annual inflation in the 12-month period. Thus, the purchasing power of Brazilians is eroded and many must draw resources from savings to pay bills and debts.

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