“Before the game against Flamengo…”; Daronco case makes Atlético-MG make a surprising decision behind the scenes


Controversy involving the referee still has a lot of repercussions

- Anderson Daronco
© Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF– Anderson Daronco

Atlético-MG was not at all satisfied with the refereeing of Anderson Daronco, in the game against São Paulo, last Sunday (10). The situation became even more tense when Hulk complained to the referee and claimed that he told the striker to be careful with what he would say after the game, as it would not be the last time he would referee a game for the player.

When the game was over he said: “be careful what you say outside”. I said “why?”, and he replied “because it’s not the last game I’ll referee from you”. Is this a threat or not? I don’t know. In front of my four children, it was the conversation I had with him there”, said Hulk.

This Monday (11th), the Itatiaia Radio informed that Atlético-MG wants to take advantage of the trip to Rio de Janeiro for the confrontation in the Copa do Brasil against Flamengo and ask for a meeting with the head of arbitration of the Brazilian Football Confederation.

The profile “Futebol_Info” republished the information and reported on Twitter: “Dissatisfied with the performance of Daronco, Atlético-MG wants to take advantage of the trip to Rio and tries an urgent meeting with the head of the CBF arbitration commission. If confirmed, the meeting will be before the game against Flamengo, for the Copa do Brasil”.

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