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TCL announced, last Monday (11), the new largest TV in the Brazilian market. The TCL C735 model arrives with 98 inches and 4K HDR resolution, in addition to QLED technology. On the same date, the manufacturer announced, for the domestic market, eight more models of televisions. The products arrive with connectivity in mind: five of them with the native Google TV operating system and the others with Roku TV — the streaming platform. The novelties were part of the 15th Eletrolar Show event, which took place in São Paulo.

TCL also brought innovations focused on picture performance, with the AiPQ Engine Gen 2 processor in its new TVs. The feature uses artificial intelligence, through machine learning, which learns to optimize as it receives new 4K and 8K usage data. Hardware is available starting with the P635 model and promises better color balances and frame-by-frame contrast. Prices for the new models have not yet been announced.

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TV TV C735 arrives with a 98-inch screen — Photo: Disclosure / TCL

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For starters, the C735 TV brings you the big screen experience at 98 inches. The model signed by TCL arrives with the milestone of offering the largest screen currently available in the Brazilian market. The TV comes with screen optimization with color depth and low reflection, at a frequency of 120 Hz.

Support for Dolby Vision IQ technologies is present, which allows you to understand ambient light, and Dolby Atmos, which promises more powerful sounds. The TV offers HDMI 2.1 connectivity and a promise of picture quality for all types of content, from fast-paced scenes to sports.

The TV X925, available in limited edition, it stands out for its 8K resolution with Mini LED technology on a 75-inch screen. The equipment also allows interactions using the hands instead of the remote control, in addition to voice commands. The image promises to be more stable with high refresh rate features. To better understand, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more realistic the image.

TCL TV arrives with Mini LED technology — Photo: Disclosure/TCL

For audio, the TV offers professional quality and 60W power, as well as bass from Dolby Atmos and Onkyo technology. The screen quality of the X925 TV also carries certifications from the 8K Association, IMAX Enhanced and DTS.

The TCL C835 TV offers features for game fans. That’s because the equipment arrives with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate, or variable refresh rate, in free translation) of 144 Hz, and this allows the image to have a faster, sharper response and smoother gameplay. 4K resolution is enhanced by HDR 10+ technology with intelligent tone mapping. It is available in 65” and 75” models.

TCL C835 TV offers 65 and 75 inches screen — Photo: Disclosure / TCL

The TCL P735 model features a 4K display with sizes of 65 and 75 inches. The design features a thin edge for greater immersion. Inside, MEMC processing promises smoother images, especially for gamers, and higher-motion scenes, such as sports or action content. The TV also comes with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDMI 2.1 technologies.

TCL P735 has a thin edge design — Photo: Disclosure/TCL

With a slightly smaller screen size (43″, 50″ and 55″), the TCL P635 TV does not lack in resolution, with its 4K HDR. The highlight is the integrated Chromecast and Google TV, in addition to artificial intelligence. For those who like a connected home, the TV integrates “OK Google”, with Google Duo and Google Assistant for voice commands.

TCL P635 TV offers 4K resolution — Photo: Disclosure / TCL

With a 50-inch screen, the SEMP RK 8600 and TCL RP630 TVs were presented. Both models arrive with UHD 4K resolution and offer Roku TV. The connections are very similar, integrated with HDMI 2.1, USB and dual-band Wi-Fi. Both are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

SEMP RK 8600 has a 50-inch screen — Photo: Publicity/TCL

With 32″ (HD) and 43″ (Full HD) screens, TCL introduced the RS530 TV and SEMP R6500. Also built-in with Roku TV, including voice control option for streaming. The devices also feature 2.1 HMDI, USB and dual-band Wi-Fi connections. In addition, they can be used with Apple HomeKit, Apple AirPlay, Alexa and Google Assistant.

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