CRO RS has a contest paying R$ 5,190: see how to sign up

The Regional Council of Dentistry of the State of Rio Grande do Sul released a new public tender notice. Check out how to sign up!

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The Regional Council of Dentistry of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (CRO RS) released a new public tender notice for the occupation of 5 vacancies, aimed at middle, technical and higher level positions. Find out how to apply!

What are the positions offered by the competition?

The positions present in the 5 vacancies offered by the contest will depend on the candidate’s level, that is, if the candidate is of medium, technical or higher level. Understand!

Mid-level candidates compete for administrative, tax and telephone agent positions, with salaries, respectively, of R$ 1,859.20, R$ 2,650.00 and R$ 1,298.00.

For candidates at a technical level, they compete for the position of technician in information technology, with a salary of R$ 3,519.70.

Higher education candidates apply for the position of lawyer, with a salary of R$ 5,190.00.

All those approved will receive a monthly meal voucher of R$ 752.00, food vouchers of R$ 596.00 and health plans. The workload for the position of operator is 30 hours per week, for the others it will be 40 hours.

What is the location of the vacancies?

The vacancies are spread across cities in Rio Grande do Sul, depending on the position. Understand!

  • Positions for administrative agent have two openings for the city of Porto Alegre and one for Caxias do Sul, and a chance as a reserve in other cities;
  • Positions as inspector offer two vacancies for Caxias do Sul, Pelotas, Porto Alegre and Santa Maria, in addition to registration as a reserve;
  • Positions for lawyer, telephone operator and information technology technician only offer the option of registering as a reserve for the city of Porto Alegre.

How to apply for the CRO RS 2022 contest?

Registration for the contest begins on July 11, 2022 and ends on August 11, 2022. To register, access the Quadrix Institute website and fill in the requested data.

A registration fee of R$ 69.00 will be charged for the intermediate and technical levels, and R$ 79.00 for those with a higher level, which must be paid until August 12th.

Those enrolled in the Cadastro Único for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and bone marrow donors may request the fee exemption until 6 pm on July 13, through the bank’s website.

How will the test be?

The contest will have a test of 40 objective questions that will be applied in the afternoon of September 25, 2022 in the cities of Caxias do Sul, Pelotas, Porto Alegre and Santa Maria.

The 40 test questions were divided into 28 of Basic Knowledge, 10 of Portuguese Language, 10 of Logical Reasoning and 8 of Legislation, and 12 of Specific Knowledge.

To be approved, applicants will need a minimum of 26 points in Basic Knowledge and 24 in Specific Knowledge.

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