Eduardo interacts with fans and celebrates agreement with Botafogo: ‘I thought the project was incredible’

Announced as reinforcement by Botafogo until December 2024 this Tuesday afternoon (7/12), midfielder Edward participated in a live with the club on Instagram, interacted with the fans and the presenter Fernando Morani. The 32-year-old explained the option for not being called Carlos Eduardo (only Eduardo) and praised the arrangement with Glorioso, projecting his debut as soon as possible.

💬 Read Eduardo’s statements below:

first live

– Happy to have this first contact with the fans and everyone at the club. Very happy.


– When I was in France, I ended up taking Carlos away, leaving only Eduardo. Lucky you, it will stay like this. I heard the club is superstitious too.


– Very happy for the affection of the fans, I hope to reciprocate on the field. I’m getting ready, I stopped for a few days, to be on par with Botafogo.

alvinegro project

– I didn’t think twice. It is a very good project that Botafogo is doing, I also came for the club, which is very big, it was a very good opportunity. Thank you all for bringing me.

FogãoNET store banner


– Football here is a little faster, we are trying to adapt to training. It was 12 days of my last game, I didn’t lose that much, it’s working to recover technical and physical part.

Debut when the window opens

– Depending on me, I will definitely be ready (from July 18th). You have plenty of days to recondition me.


– I play both the attacking midfielder and the defensive midfielder. I arrived in France as a steering wheel, I ended up going further in the Arab world. In France when I scored the most goals, my first coach in Arabia told me that I smell goals and I had to go further.

Luís Castro

– I worked a little with him (in Portugal), an excellent coach. I believe we are going to do something very different in this period.

Agreement with Botafogo

– I was happy with the project. I was already following Botafogo, this beginning, this reformulation. When I received the invitation, they gave me the project, I thought it was amazing. I’m here for the project, for the name of the club and for the institution.

Support from Saudi Arabia fans

– I created a nice story in Arabia, many achievements, many titles. Nice to see the affection, recognition of the good work I did there.

Support from the Fogão fans

– I am really looking forward to being able to play, to demonstrate my football. The crowd is super important, it’s our most important player. We need them supporting us, that’s what makes the difference at home and away.

final message

– Just say thank you. I want to be able to repay that on the field, I hope to do my job very well, respecting everyone. I’m sure it will work out very well.

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