Google starts releasing Material You Play Store on tablets and Chromebooks

After releasing the new Material You on the Play Store for the web version, Google has started making the updated look of the app store available to tablets and Chromebooks in recent days.

The recent design of the platform continues with an experience on larger screens – as is the case with these devices – different from what can be found on mobile phones. The interface delivers optimizations, such as a navigation drawer on the left side – in landscape mode – or a bottom bar with tabs for games, apps and books – in portrait mode.

Material You applied to tablets and notebooks identifies a color palette based on the current wallpaper and uses it when applying user interface elements in the app, even when applied sparingly.

Another change happens in the format of the elements. They have gained a pill-shaped layout. The search bar is positioned at the top of the screen. The bottom bar also looks a little bigger in portrait mode.

To top it off, the default color highlighted in the navigation drawer is changed from green to blue on unsupported devices.

The update with the appearance change is done by the server. In other words, you won’t need to download a new version from the Google Play Store directly to your tablet or Chromebook.

So, did you like the new Material You design? Have you already had access to it on the official Google store on any device or on the web version? Tell us your opinion in the space for comments.

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