Leader of Russian-occupied Ukrainian city killed in explosion

The Russian-appointed administrator for a small town in eastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, which is currently under occupation by Russian forces, was killed by a bomb blast placed in his car allegedly by Ukrainian saboteurs, regional occupation officials said. according to Russian news agency Tass.

The civil-military administration said Yevgeny Yunakov, the chief administrator of the town of Velikiy Burluk, was killed by a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group, according to Tass.

While Russia has only explicitly said that it wants to remove the eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk provinces from Kiev’s control, there are no signs that other territories taken in the February 24 invasion will be returned.

Along with other parts of the Kharkiv region in the east, Russian forces also captured portions of Kherson and Zhaporizhzhia provinces in the south.

Also on Monday, occupation officials in Zaporizhzhia said Andrei Siguta, the Russian-appointed director of the Melitopol district, escaped an assassination attempt by a saboteur who shot at him in his home.

Vladimir Rogov, a senior member of the Russian-appointed civilian-military government in Zaporizhzhia province, said on his Telegram channel that the potential assassin had been killed in a shootout.

On June 24, a senior official of the Russian regional government of Kherson was killed by a bomb, according to the deputy director of the government.

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