Libertadores champion for Corinthians, Leandro Castn announces retirement

Defender Leandro Castán announced his retirement from football this Monday. Champion of Libertadores by Corinthians, the athlete posted a video talking about the years of struggle against his body, he said that he decided to take care of his health.

“The most difficult moment in the athlete’s life has come. A movie plays in my head. I remember at 16 years old leaving my parents’ house going after a dream, the dream of playing football. God gave me much more than I dreamed, I never imagined playing in the teams I played, winning the titles I won. God was so good to me”, began the former player in a video posted on his Instagram – see the full post below.

Soon after, Castán recalls the difficulties he faced throughout his career. At the age of 27, when he was having his best moments on the field, the athlete was diagnosed with cavernoma, a vascular malformation on the left side of his brain and had to undergo surgery. He even heard from doctors that he could not play football again, but he continued his career for about eight years.

During this period, however, Castán was not without 100%. The athlete acknowledged that in these years he has not been able to give himself to the fullest on the field and said that now he will take care of his health, in addition to spending more time with his family.

“But also I never imagined that at the age of 27, at the height of my career, looking for a place in the national team, after dizziness and tests, the doctor would say that I would never be able to play football again. Like this? Yeah, that was it. Today, eight years later, I can say that I was no longer able to win titles, play at a high level, be that Castán from before. But I can say that the message and legacy I leave are one of overcoming. Eight years outgrowing my body, every move I made. Now it’s over. Now, I will take care of my family, my children who were by my side, visit my parents whenever I want, I will be able to travel with my wife. Now, I’m going to live my life. I wanted to thank all the coaches, clubs, employees, managers, fans, say my thanks. Sorry if at some point I failed, but I want the good moments of this career. I take the bad moments as a lesson to grow as a man, I want to take the good moments”, concluded the athlete.

Castán played for Corinthians between 2010 and 2012. In all, he played 11 games for the club, divided into 56 wins, 32 draws and 23 defeats, in addition to scoring three goals. The defender also won two titles: the Brazilian in 2011 and the Libertadores in 2012.

Check out Castan’s video

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