Military police officers on duty die after overturning in Umuarama | North and Northwest

Two military police officers who were on duty died after a rollover, on the BR-487, in Umuarama, in the northwest region of Paraná. According to the State Highway Police (PRE), the accident was recorded on Monday night (11).

The Military Police (PM) reported that soldiers Ramon Pastori Goulart, 27, and Fabiano Sobrinho, 30, were returning from Icaraíma, in the northwest, where they participated in investigations into an alleged crime that was happening in the city.

The agents were in an unmarked car. The PM reported that the driver lost control of the direction in a stretch where the asphalt ends and a track begins. As a result, the vehicle overturned.

The two officers succumbed to their injuries and died at the scene.

The Military Police said that the soldiers worked for the benefit of society, without measuring efforts in the fight against crime.

“Young professionals with integrity and dedication who leave us. We are grateful to Soldiers Pastori and Sobrinho”, he said in a statement.

Accident happened on BR-467, in Umuarama — Photo: UmuaramaNews

Ramon Pastori Goulart was 27 years old and was born in Iporã, a city in the northwest of the state. The soldier joined the PM in 2013. Currently, Ramon worked in the Local Intelligence Agency of the 25th Battalion.

Fabiano Sobrinho, 30, was also part of the 25th Battalion’s Local Intelligence Agency. He joined the PM in 2016 and is from Goioerê, also in the northwest of the state. He leaves a five-year-old son.

“They were entirely dedicated to the service and loved the work they did in the Military Police. The police officers were known for their kindness and love of life, both very dear to all their colleagues in uniform”, wrote the command of the 25th BPM.

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