Owing millions of dollars, Amber Heard turns to insurance and has a request denied

The actress Amber Heard is still in a lot of trouble after being ordered to pay 10.35 million dollars to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, in a defamation suit.

She recently turned to her insurance company, New York Marine and General Insurance Companywith whom it has a $1 million deal.

She intended to use the insurance money to pay part of the debt, however, the company refused to coverjustifying under which the actress was sentenced.

What happens is that, by contract, the company is not obliged to pay the insurance if Amber Heard is proven to have acted ‘intentionally in bad faith’ in some situation.

Now, according to information published on the TMZ website, the insurer is using precisely the terms used by the judge. Penney Azcaratewho claimed that Heard’s actions and accusations were “intentional and malicious”.

More confusion and process coming?

The insurer’s refusal to make the payment may generate even more discomfort if Amber Heard decide to bring them to justice.

That’s because, if the actress understands that she is being offended or that the insurance company is taking advantage of the situation to take advantage, she can take the case to the United States Justice and demand the money, which would add a few more chapters to this soap opera. all.

Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial – May 17, 2022

Amber Heard tried to ask for the annulment of the court decision

Dissatisfied and without money to pay the amount stipulated by the judge, heard tried to reverse the conviction, but was unsuccessful.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer reacted by saying that this “was to be expected”.

Depp also commented on the final outcome of the trial.

”From the beginning, the purpose of bringing this case was to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome. Speaking the truth was something I owed my children and all those who stood steadfast in my support. I feel at peace knowing I finally got it,” he posted.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (Reproduction / Youtube)

The two faced each other in court after the actress insinuated, in an article published in The Washington Post, that he assaulted her while they were married.

The accusation and its aftermath ended up costing Depp some important roles in his career.

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