Plane pilot diverts traffic and makes emergency landing on US highway; watch video

A pilot had to make an emergency landing on a highway in North Carolina, United States, after the plane failed. Images captured on July 3 show Navy veteran Vincent Fraser successfully dodging cars and successfully landing.

Vincent was flying a single-engine aircraft with his father-in-law when he was forced to land on a highway in North Carolina as his plane’s engine began to fail, Fox News reported.

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“When my aircraft started to climb, it was doing very well and then it started to sink instead of flying,” the pilot told NBC television. “I looked at my father-in-law and said, ‘I’m sorry. But there’s something seriously wrong here. I’m going to try to restart the aircraft, but help me find a place to land,'” he reported.

The recording was made by a camera that was fixed to the wing of the single engine and captured what happened. It is possible to see several cars on the road, but the pilot manages to land safely.

The post was posted on Facebook by Swain County Sheriff’s Office profile Curtis Cochran, who praised the maneuver. He called it “excellent” and highlighted how Vincent managed to get around the power cables. The two were unharmed and there was no damage to the plane.

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