SBT guarantees runner-up throughout Brazil with Copa America Feminina

SBT won the vice-leadership in all of Brazil with the transmission of the Copa América Feminina de soccer. Brazil’s 4-0 victory over Argentina, played last Saturday (9), earned Silvio Santos’ broadcaster the second place among the most watched channels in all squares measured by the PNT (National Television Panel), considering the time of the ball on the field, between 21:00 and 22:52.

According to Kantar Ibope data obtained by the OnScreen together with market sources, the exhibition of the game in Greater São Paulo, a place that serves as a reference for the advertising market, reached an average of 4.1 points, 1.2 points more than Record, which was in third place. Next came Band, with an average of 1.9, occupying the fourth position in the ranking.

Globo, on the other hand, was isolated in the first position, with 22.1 points, showing Jornal Nacional and Pantanal at the same time. The square that reached the highest index for the SBT was Manaus, with an average of 8.5 points in the women’s soccer game. At the same time, Band occupied third place, with 2.2, and, following, Record, with 0.9. In northern Brazil, Globo reached 20.9 points.

In the other 13 squares, SBT remained in second place in terms of audience, with average ratings between 3 and 7 points. In the PNT (National Television Panel), Silvio Santos’ channel won 4.1 points, while Globo was isolated in first place, with 21 points. In third and fourth appear Record, with 2.5, and Band, with an average of 1.5, respectively.

The number is higher than the one recorded the previous week with Esquadrão da Moda (3.3), but that did not stop Cook se Puder from having its worst performance in 2022. The talent show led by Otaviano Costa managed only 2.9 points in Greater São Paulo. So far, the overall average of the gastronomic show is 3.6 points, less than the first two seasons presented by Sergio Marone.

The first, in 2021, achieved an overall average of 4.5, while the second, already this year, accumulated 4.3. If on Saturday the ratings were positive for SBT with the Copa América Feminina, on Sunday (10) it was not the same.

New Silvio Santos Program does not reach good rates with Patrícia Abravanel

SBT guarantees runner-up throughout Brazil with Copa America Feminina

Even with a new scenario, the Silvio Santos Program, under the command of Patrícia Abravanel, did not do well in the indexes. There were 6.9 points according to Kantar Ibope data obtained by NaTelinha from market sources. It’s the worst performance since June 5, when it recorded 6.6.

Eliana also did not reach satisfactory indices and delivered low. The attraction with the blonde registered only 4.9 points on Ibope, the second worst index of 2022, losing only to the 8th of May, when it scored only 4.7 in the capital of São Paulo. The highest-rated program of the day outside Globo was Domingo Espetacular, on Record, which aired unpublished excerpts from an interview with digital influencer Luva de Pedreiro. The journalist scored 7.6 points.

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